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At Aristocrat Motors Alfa Romeo our top priority is to make your shopping experience extraordinary. But what does this look like on a daily basis? We invite you to learn more about our top-notch service from our customers here.

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I’ve been servicing my 2010 Jaguar XF at Aristrocrat for years, so it was only natural that I purchase my new vehicle from them. With a special thanks to my parts advisor Dean, mechanic Noah, and service manager Dan, I walked away in a beautiful 2018 Jaguar F-Pace. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and I wouldn’t have done it without the continued support of the amazing team of individuals at Aristocrat.
The service department at Aristocrat is top notch. Always pleasant and accommodating. Service representative Tony Tutera is very helpful. I highly recommend the service department.
I drove down from Des Moines Iowa for my first 10,000 mile service appointment. As I pulled up, I stopped looking for the service entrance and then I saw a man waving me his direction. This man was wonderfully welcoming and upbeat. He was incredibly helpful and service oriented. His name is Rodney. The waiting area is clean and quiet, my car was serviced and delivered as promised and I am a very happy Porsche owner!!
Porsche lady
Aristocrat's dealership is a 250-mile round trip from my home, and worth every mile even for an oil change and checkup. Tremendous depth of experience and top-quality work in their service department, combined with an ace team of service advisors and unrivaled customer service, places Aristocrat far beyond the ordinary - and in the past fifteen years I've had maintenance done in Jaguar/Land Rover dealer shops from Los Angeles to St. Louis. Experience tells me the deciding factor in choosing from... More
I received immediate attention when I arrived at the scheduled time. The work was finished on time and the check out procedure was quick and easy. And the work was done correctly. .Also had the best car wash ever!!
ol' Hoss
Service Team at Aristocrat Motors is beat in class. The communication is excellent and the quality of work is five star. Highly recommend Aristocrat Motors for sales and service
Satisfied customer K
My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary a few weeks late, taking a short weekend trip to KC for a concert, dinner and most importantly to purchase a new vehicle. After doing online research for over a year, and pre-arranging financing through our bank, we made the decision to buy an MB SUV. We picked four choices online, and headed to Aristocrat - Unannounced. We were dressed very casually, as this was a getaway weekend. The receptionist was great, as three male salesmen didn't have t... More
Joe D.
As usual, the service and attention to the needs of my Mercedes was excellent. Setting up the appointment was easy and Tom considered all of my time issues. I feel very satisfied in the work that was done. Matt Minor was great,. professional and friendly as usual and explained everything that was done and what needs to be done in the future. He even came out and greeted my husband who picked me up prior to the service. Happy customer!
Air quit working. Dropped off the car and Dan Garcia had my loaner waiting. He sent me a text so if I needed anything I could text him. Great communication and they got everything fixed. Dan was out to lunch when I came to pick up the car and one of the other guys stepped right in and helped. Also the enterprise loaner team is very friendly. Great experience. Thanks Aristocrat.
Parking aid was coming on every time we stopped at a stop sign or got close to other cars, very annoying noise all the time. Radio sometimes not working too.. The service dept. put in new front sensors and loaded on all new software. That took care of the problem. They had my car for 10 days, I told them to not give it back to me until it was fixed!!! Had only a little over 600 miles on it so I was not expecting to have to deal with this major of a problem since it is a high-end car. But proble... More